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It's a common question that we're asked all too often and we're here to set the record straight! There are four things you can do to help improve the longevity of not just your belt but all of your leather goods, and if you're not doing them - you're probably wasting a ton of money on buying replacements.

  • Hang your belt!
  • Use leather conditioner!
  • Never machine wash!
  • Don't over wear!


1. Hang your belt!

The simplest way help prolong the life of your belt is to simply hang it up. Wether you buy a belt hanger or design one yourself is up to you, but it's proven that your leather will last longer when allowed to 'rest'. The 'resting' position for a belt is not wrapped around your waist but rather when it's uncurled and hanging fully relaxed.

Constant curling of your belt for storage purposes and just leaving it wrapped around your pants will increase the general tension on the leather as it ages and in time create creases and cracks.

How To Take Care Of Your Leather Belt
Create a seamless morning and hang your belt with your matching pants to help save you time while getting ready. Best yet, you'll also save on closet space since you won't need a separate belt hanger!

2. Use leather conditioner!

In the exact same way you polish your shoes or condition your leather jacket to keep it soft and shiny - you would do the same thing with your leather belt. Outside of keeping the leather soft and ever-so-shiny, conditioning your belt will help keep it protected from exposure to dirt and moisture - the main enemies of quality leather!

One BIG tip, that people often forget - make sure you let your belt dry after you condition it! We know so many people who have been in a hurry and have just ruined their dress pants and/or jeans by putting on a freshly conditioned belt.

How To Take Care Of Your Leather Belt
Crafted for easy fiber absorption, leather conditioner will help nourish and naturally restore the flexibility of your belt. Over time, leather will lose its natural oils and flexibility, quickly causing it to crack. To learn more about the benefits of leather conditioner and the best options for you, the team at Mahi Leather has your back!

3. Never machine wash!
It seems like a no brainer but you would be surprised by the amount of people that were either: A) never taught how to properly do laundry -or- B) are just so busy that they try to save time and think "delicate wash" will help. Don't be one of these people, be a responsible adult that learns how to properly care for the people and things you care about.

That being said, in order to safely wash your belt - use a soft bristle toothbrush and liquid soap. Make sure you lightly scrub both sides and then hang to dry - do not leave it in the direct sunlight, as this will cause the leather to over-dry, lose color, and possibly crack.

4. Don't over wear!
Scenario: Man buys quality belt - he wears it over and over again, all day long, no matter the occasion, and is upset when it tears or cracks a month into use. Sound familiar? While we agree that this frustrating, you can easily prevent this by having 2-3 belts, letting them rest in-between wears, and with general maintenance (like conditioning the leather). Think about it, how much movement, bending, twisting, and flexing are you doing throughout the day? Now multiple that by thirty days and with zero rest - something is bound to give and break in those conditions.

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