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You're not in your 20s anymore. You can't dress like a young student anymore. To be honest, 40 seems a long way off. You are in the prime of your 30s, the golden age of your life. You need to know how to dress appropriately in your 30s. If you dress like you're in your 20s, you'll look immature or inexperienced and give others a sense of uncertainty. But on the other hand, if you dress to look older than your actual age, you may be seen as having passed the best period of your life.

This article aims to teach you how to dress appropriately in your 30s to help you find the perfect boundary and balance between young and middle-aged.

The Best Look is a Varied One

It makes all the difference to find out what style you are suitable for according to the age and figure in your 30s.

The most direct way to impress people is to try new elements and styles. When choosing clothes in the wardrobe, you can try new fabrics, colors, styles, and clothes.

There may only be some simple items that are now filling your wardrobe because if you've never tried a new match. Let's see what new alternatives we have.

Blue jeans

Men often don't pay attention to too many styles when choosing clothes like women. What matters is the shape and texture. Especially for 30 + men, they need to pay more attention to the pants they wear every day. Dressing and matching should reflect their style and taste in order to be different. At the same time, you can match a automatic buckle belt, which will make you look bright. Dark blue slim jeans are more atmospheric and stable. They are more suitable for wearing in winter.

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As we all know, the shoes most often worn by many men in a year are not leather shoes, but comfortable and fashionable sports shoes. Nothing is better than the most classic collocation is to match canvas shoes with close-fitting pants. It is not too much to say that Canvas shoes have been popular and have never been eliminated. Men in their 30s are more suitable to choose dark canvas shoes or sneakers and match them with leather wallets to show the charm of middle-aged men.


In addition, replacing a heavy jacket with an ordinary generous and stable woolen coat will make you look very temperamental, give people a sense of maturity and responsibility, and make your work partner feel that you can rely on it. Coats also have a high appearance rate in the autumn and winter runways, and it is the first choice when you try to change your dressing style.

Items Every Man in His 30s Should Own

Jackets and Coats

You should have at least one traditional navy jacket in your wardrobe. Even though it's a bit boxy and dull, you need pieces like this because the coat will make you look decent, and the suit is too formal to wear whenever you want. You will wear it a lot in your daily life.

Trousers and Pants

When many men choose pants, they often choose some pants with tight legs, but these pants are the most likely to expose our disadvantages. So here we recommend wide-leg pants, straight-leg pants, jeans or suit pants. The pants tube of wide-leg pants is very loose. Both the thigh part and the lower leg part can be perfectly wrapped in the trouser tube. In short, it has the effect of covering the meat and showing thinness. It will also make your legs look longer.

Shirts and Tops

You have many choices for shirts, so be brave and bold and do some new collocations, and explore trying out new combinations. You can experiment with new varieties as long as you keep away from anything that makes you look immature (for example, t-shirts with graphics of any kind).

Dressing for Specific Occasions

Being 30 means, you're on the rise of your career. You'll need to think about the dress code for the occasion you plan to attend and what kind of image you want to present, like dressing for work: business attire and casual. A casual work environment means that casual wear or professional attire that makes you feel relaxed can increase your work productivity. You don't want to wear the same uniform to work every day. You can pair it with a black ratchet cowhide belt, and simple jeans can create a simple and generous shape for you.

missionbelt style black belts for 30s men dark blue jeans

To sum up, during this golden age of life, following these simple wearing rules, such as matching coats with leather shoes and learning how to dress like a 30-year-old, you can maximize your 30-year-old charm.

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