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I'm guessing you're unfamiliar with sizing and size conversions because you already clicked on this article. Please don't feel embarrassed or shy; it is quite normal! During the buying process, we get a lot of inquiries from customers. How to convert is one of the most commonly requested questions. In the course of using them, we may employ several different sizes of belts. After learning these shopping tips, it's way easier for you to select a more appropriate belt and help you save time and money!

We'll learn about these two common units from every aspect in today's article. The calculation is based on inch to centimeters conversion. Please see the following guidance for a standard conversion reference chart.

Inches (in)  Centimeters (cm)
0.1in 0.2540cm
1/2 in 1.27cm
1 in  2.54cm
5 in 12.70cm
We also do this because sizing standards in different locations aren't always the same. Shoe sizes, for example, are separated into the American size chart, the British size chart, and Asian size standards, among others.

As long as we have a firm grasp of the conversion laws, selecting a belt becomes easier. And those are basically the two most commonly used types of units in belts. In this way, regardless of which brand you want to buy from, you will prevent the impact and avoid the size of the grounds for having to return and exchange items, which will cause you to take longer.


    How do I choose my width?

      What width of belt should I get? It would be best to consider more than personal preference in this question. It should also consider your age, the purpose of wearing it, and your daily attire. It is beneficial to select a belt based on this concept.

      So, we'd like to recommend two Tonywell belts here. One belt is thin, while the other's strap is slightly thicker. Feel free to shop for your specific requirements.


      • 1-3/16" (30mm) wide

      The rectangular hollowed-out metal buckle, which is a new style of an open clip, has a very simple and graceful design. It is our top-seller and most customers' ideal option for formal wear as well.


      The ratchet belts are made of leather and properly fit most users' figures. It's a versatile accessory in genuine leather in a 1-3/16" width with classic black, white, and dark brown belt colors. It will always be the top pick for businesspeople, regardless of width or color.


      • 1-5/8" (35mm) wide

      The next belt will be more suitable for you if you don't like the openwork buckle design. This rectangular 35mm wide belt can be worn for both formal and casual events. Wearing it with jeans, for example, is also a very trendy and informal look.

      When wearing formal attire, you frequently want to project a calm demeanor, so the belt you choose should be around 1-5/8". It will appear informal or casual if it is too narrow. A little wider strap might also demonstrate a man's maturity and stability. A medium-width belt, such as 1-5/8", is also ideal for people with wide waists and overweight bodies. Otherwise, the belt is too thin for them and will not be in harmony with their body shape. On the other hand, wearing a wide belt is likely to draw attention to the waist and make it appear more rounded.


        What size belt do I need?

          Apart from the width, how to choose the belt length? What we need to consider here is not only the waist circumference, which is so simple. Generally speaking, choosing a belt that is 2 inches larger than your waist size is the most appropriate method.


          Our Tonywell belts also allow you to cut your own and have automatic metal buckles that can automatically adjust the length. We don't generally recommend pin-buckles, and the frequent punching of your own belt can really make it less effective to wear. In other words, in addition to a wide range of belt styles, Tonywell's belts are designed to meet most people's waist circumference requirements, ranging from 34" to 45". The marks on the belt are designed to be cut to customized to fit you perfectly.


          What's more impressive is that Tonywell's belts allow you to micro-adjust the length of the strap. You can get a micro-adjustment of 1/4" utilizing the 32-notch scale on the behind of the strap, which makes it simple to adjust the belt in a short amount of time when dating dinner or business negotiation.


          how to size tonywell ratchet belt when strap too long not fit for waist

          Alright, I'm sure you now have all the information you need about belt sizes, so go get the correct belt for yourself or your family. Remember the unit conversion!

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