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Formal belt vs casual belt Tonywell belts


I would argue that belts are the most underutilized fashion accessory in a man's wardrobe. How can I make this claim? As most men follow the basic rules of matching the belt strap to their shoes and matching the buckle to the other metals. But when you look at the wide variety of straps out there for a wide variety of buckles for a while, right after you realized that belts could liven a world, the belts are so much more than just a device to hold up your pants. Here is the ultimate guide to men's belts: Formal belts VS Casual belts.

VS Material
Formal Belts Cowhide, the full-grain leather belt, is the best looking and most durable one.
Crocodile, alligator, or ostrich. These skins are more upscale and have their body patterns and textures. Often more expensive and difficult to maintain
Faux leather, it is made with a fabric base and then treated with wax, dye, or polyurethane to create color and texture. It’s durable and low-maintenance, and the best faux leathers look realistic.
Casual Belts Cowhide, cotton fabric, nylon, webbing, or composite materials.
More rugged, Tougher, thicker, often matte material.

VS Strap Width
Formal Belts 1.25" , 1.5 ". 1.25" width for more formal trousers.
Casual Belts 1.5" to 2".


VS Length
Formal Belts Prong buckle belt, Your belt size should be 2 inches longer than your pants waist size. So if you take a 36 in pants, you need a 38-inch belt.

Cut to Fit most waist belts. Cut to your pants waist size. So if you take a 36 in pants, you cut to a 36 size mark.

Casual Belts The belt size should be 2 inches longer than your pants waist size. So if you take a 36 in pants, you need a 38-inch belt


VS Belt Strap Color
Formal Belts Tend to be black, burgundy, or various shades of brown and tan, navy, gray, and white for summer.
Perfect matching is not only the same color but also the same level of shininess as your shoes and other leather accessories.
Casual Belts
Various colors, Khaki, Navy, Amy Green. Brown is the most popular color, and black does not pair with jeans and khakis.


VS Buckle Type
Formal Belts Frame-style buckle, where the strap goes through the frame, ratchet-style track system auto-locked.
Prong buckle. The buckle's prong goes through holes in the strap to fasten the belt.    
Casual Belts Plate, snap, D-ring, box, or frame. Larger or more decorative buckle


VS Buckle Color
Formal Belts
Black, shiny and sleek Silver, Gold. Matching with your other metal color, like jewellery and watch.
Casual Belts Do not have to match leathers exactly.
Match it with other outfit elements, such as the color of shoulder straps, purses, or T-shirts.


VS Matching with your outfit
Formal Belts Suits and business wear, more formal blazers and trousers.
Casual Belts Jeans, khakis, shorts, better chinos, and sturdier sports coats.


I believe you have got the difference between formal belts and casual belts, then come to Tonywell to choose your belt.

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