How to Choose a Right Belt for Men

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What is a waist belt?

Oh, is it to keep the pants from falling off?


But if your pants are too loose and you want to fasten them with a belt, then I suggest you go for suitable pants rather than the belt. It would be dressed decently if had the right belt on the right pants.

Below Tonywell men's belt guide will address your question about how to choose the perfect belt.

What size belt should I buy for my waist?

3 ways to get the proper belt size.

1. Your belt size should be 2 inches longer than the size of your off-the-rack pant size. If you wear 36-in pants, then get a 38-inch belt.

2. Determine belt size from your old belt.

    Measure size from where you always buckle it (inner of belt buckle) to 3rd hole from the tip of the belt.

3. Cut to fit belts should reserve 7 inches from the tip end when the belt buckled up.

    The appropriate belt length is such that it goes under the first and second belt loop when buckled up. It allows you to micro-adjust it if you feel a little bit tight or loose. When sitting for a long time, having a big lunch, or losing a couple of pounds.
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How many belts should I have?

5 must-have belts for men

1. A formal black or brown leather belt

    Two colors in one reversible belt are the best choice. They will work with almost any dress shoe or dress item you have.


2. A tan or neutral-colored belt

    The black belts wouldn't pair well with jeans and khakis. The tan or neutral-colored belt would be the best match.


3. A casual belt
    A belt made of canvas with a metal buckle is perfect for summer because it is perfect to match your khakis.


4. A very individual belt
    Sometimes, a colorful belt or designer belt will make you stand out when you want to dress up a little more boldly.


5. Nothing
    There's no denying that when your pants fit perfectly with your outfit is good enough. It's time to put your belt on vacation (relax your tummy).

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