How to Clean A Leather Belt?

The small and inconspicuous belt is not only a magic key to hold the waistband but also a fashionable accessory, which can highlight the style of clothing matching and outline the visual proportion of reshaping your figure.

And you know how important to keep the belts maintaining good. Taking care of your belt only takes a few minutes but can add years to the life of it. If not, stains and dirt will ruin your leather belt.

Do I need to clean my belt?

Here are some signs that it’s time to clean your belt.

  • The belt feels tough, 
  • The belt is stained, 
  • Belt smells, 
  • Belt has sweat or water stains on it

How to clean the belt

You can try to use a clean damp cloth in soapy water and then quickly scrub the dirty places clean. After drying it with a dry cloth, rinse it with clear water. Finally, apply some leather oil.

For sensitive skin, it is recommended not to use oil on the back of the belt. The cleaning process is best completed within 10 to 20 seconds to avoid soap infiltration and affecting the cortex.

  1. Wipe the dust and remove light dirt stains on the belt with a soft cloth.
  2. Shake the scoop with the special cleaner to clean the belt. After spraying back and forth from the surface of the belt, wipe the dirty places of the belt back and forth with a sponge along with the leather texture until the stains on it are wiped clean.
  3. Wipe off the residual liquid with a clean, soft cloth.

Generally, belts should be cleaned with a unique cleaning solution, especially oily-based stains. Leather cleaning liquid can be bought in many places on the market now. Buying a bottle can last for a long time. The belts cleaned with this solution will have a brand-new feeling.

If you don't buy a special belt cleaner, there are many things you can use to clean your belt in life, such as our ordinary baking soda powder. If you mix it with water and gently wipe the surface with a soft cloth, the surface of your belt will look very new.

In addition to baking soda, the essential balm can also be used to clean leather, and the effect is perfect. Put a small amount of critical cream on a clean cotton cloth and carefully wipe the belts. After brushing, you will find the surface is brighter.

In addition, alcohol, white vinegar, and toothpaste can be used as detergents. You should note that you must match these things with a certain amount of clear water, especially vinegar and alcohol, which are corrosive to a certain extent. Only water can play a cleaning role. If you soak the belts directly, they will be permanently damaged.

cleaning leather belt brush cloth oil wax clean set

What are the maintenance methods for belts?

1. Frequent use is also one of the maintenance methods of leather belts. In the process of use, the belt will be more suitable for the needs of the human body, and the softness and dryness of the belt are wholly affected by the human body.

2. Dermis is made of animal leather, and the main component of animal leather is protein. When using leather belts in ordinary times, you must pay attention not to let the belts get damp. Damp belts will become moldy and infested with insects. The moist leather belt should be put in the shade in time to dry, better dry overnight. And then smear a little leather care oil, which produces a better maintenance effect.

3. In addition to preventing the leather belt from getting damp, it is also necessary to prevent the leather belt from contacting acidic and alkaline substances to prevent corrosion to the leather belt. If you accidentally get contaminated with chemical substances, you should wipe them with a clean cloth in time and then dry them. If the leather belt is corrupted, please send your famous leather belt to a professional luxury repair and maintenance organization, and let a professional leather repairman help you clean and maintain it.

4. When the leather belt wrinkles, you can handle it by yourself—ironing with an electric iron, the temperature of the electric iron is controlled at about 65 degrees. Then lay a thin cotton cloth on the belt as a lining. Move the iron back and forth constantly during ironing. When it's almost time, keep the belt dry in a cool and dry place, and don't expose it to the sun.

5. In the face of this situation, when the leather belt is torn and damaged, everyone should send the leather belt to a professional luxury goods repair and maintenance organization and let a professional leather goods repairman help repair it.

6. If the leather belt loses luster, it can be polished with leather polish. Do not use leather shoe oil to finger rub. It is not difficult to polish the leather. As long as it is gently rubbed on the belt with cloth banana polish, it can be polished once or twice.

Generally, as long as it is polished every two or three months, it is enough to keep the leather soft and shiny and can prolong its service life.

7. The belt shall be dried before collection. It shall not be exposed to the sun. It shall be hung in a shady and dry place for ventilation.

To make the dermis belt keep the color beautiful for a long time, you can coat a layer of glycerin on the skin before collection to store it for a long time without discoloration. Avoid exposure, fire baking, water washing, hand washing, sharp object impact, and contact with chemical solvents.


In short, the belt is consumable and will break if used for a long time. Usually, as long as you use a professional leather care agent to wipe it, you can't use detergent containing strong alkali. Like leather shoes, it needs to be moistened.

The best way to care for and maintain belts is to prepare more pairs, such as black belts, brown belts, beige belts, etc., which can be used in rotation and matched with trousers of different colors. Special care is generally unnecessary as long as the belt changes frequently.

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