Must-Have Shoes for Men in Summer

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What do men care about? healthy? bodybuilding supplements? multivitamin? hair? dress? We are talking about must-have shoes for men in summer.

It said that men should dress cool in the summertime. But they usually ignore the importance of leather shoes. Actually, do not need to change shoes frequently. Using leather shoes in a summer outfit will be more fashionable than sneakers and sandals.

Sneakers are always an item that can make a man look younger, and various new models raise the fashion degree. But the men who are 40 years old shouldn’t only be fashionable, the steadiness and formality also important. So they needn’t change shoes frequently. The leather shoes can take balance of these two features.

People had a stereotype that it was formal, stately but a little cumbersome about leather shoes. But actually, the leather shoes had replaced the old with the new. There’re a lot of choices of material quality, won’t be cumbersome in scorching summer. Meanwhile, men have various choices of design.

Without a doubt, changing the color matching to adapt to different styles, to cooperate with different designed clothes, or the various methods of outfit will make the overall matching more stylish. There’s no need to worry about matching dresses and shoes with 40-year-old men.  A pair of leather shoes will make you look fashionable and stylish, let me show you how to make yourself to be fashionable through the outfit.

men's shoes tpyes for men monk martin boots Chelsea Oxford derby  Loafers
    1. Various styles of leather shoes

      Mention of the types of leather shoes, the amount is so much. And different classifications will make different styles in the outfit. Before you choose the leather shoes, you should determine the overall matching style. After that, select the leather shoe style.

      • Oxford shoes

      In the daily routine, The Oxford shoe is a familiar item, the design with latched would make feet look thinner through the sense of layers. Meanwhile, people with high insteps or fat feet do not need to worry about the shoes will be out of shape cause the Oxford shoes can adjust the width through the latches.

      As usual, the length of Oxford shoes would go just right on ankles, with the looseness to a nicety. It will make men look gentle and elegant.

      • Derby shoes

      Similar to Oxford shoes, men can also adjust derby shoe wideth, but the design of the instep is lower than Oxford shoes, which makes this type of shoe look cuter instead of sharp, so derby shoes are more suitable for the outfit with academic style.

      • Loafers

      Compared with the leather shoes with latches, Loafers are more suitable for people who are lazy, and the “slip-on” method to wear especially well-matched with simple summertime. At the same time. Choosing the loafers with a dull toe will make the overall style more casual, and the pointed loafers make people look sharper. The loafers are simple, but the effect of wearing them is fantastic.

      • Monk shoes

      If change the latches with rivets or other accessories, it will be the monk shoes. It’s simpler visually, and has extra reality than loafers. The monk shoes are quite suitable to be a part of an outfit in summer for 40-year-old men.

      • Chelsea boots

      If want to be natural and unaffected, you can daringly try the Chelsea boots. Although it will cover the ankles, the point design will bring the visual extension to lengthen the legs‘ proportion and have extra free and uninhibited sense with the design of short boots.

      • Martin boots

      Of course, the most popular feather shoes are Martin boots, it’s suitable for all the seasons. Whether six-hole or eight-hole, they can combine the capability and cuteness perfectly with the men's youth and handsomeness. At the same time, it’s also an all-match design, which hardly is wrong to wear.

      Tonywell belts guide for men's shoes tpyes monk martin boots Chelsea Oxford derby Loafers
        2. Material, color matching,and decoration

          There’re various styles of shoes, and the material, color and decoration are also quite different. Although a pair of leather shoes can cope with all of the summer, you should choose the item which is well-matched with your temperament to get the best effect.

          • Matte material plus black color, classic, low-key and decent

          The most general material is matte leather, the gloss won’t be too eye-catching. It’s low-key and can show the gentlemen’s elegance. Meanwhile, more decent with the pure black. There are no mistakes in using it in the outfit.

          To match the matte black leather shoes, there’s an accessory to recommend, a belt has the same matte black color as the shoes, which can make the overall outfit match more coordinated.

          • Patent leather plus black, youthful and fashionable

          When wearing black leather shoes, the glossy patent leather will make a man look younger than matte material, and the visual center will also move down. The overall outfit will be more eye-catching. Although the design of patent leather is an item for fashionable occasions rather than formal occasions, choosing such a product with glossy leather belts in daily life will make you much more stylish.

          • Brown is more accessible

           In terms of color, the warm brown is more suitable for summer than the black, and also makes the overall style lighter. If war brown shoes with a brown belt, the temperament will be more moderate and feel accessible in the gentleman style.

          warn yellow tan brown belts for men match with leather shoes over 40 in summer

          Brown belt

            3. Dressing and matching

              After getting the basic elements of leather shoes, you only need to match them correctly, and then you must easily lead the fashion style and show the fashionable attitude.

              • Care about wearing method, simple and capable

              When choosing the trousers, avoid the item with stacked shapes on your ankle, cause the layered trousers can’t match with leather shoes perfectly, they look dull, which completely out of the feeling of refreshing and generous in the summertime. It’s best to choose the trousers with the extremely capable bottom of the trouser leg, leaving enough room to show the leather shoes without making you look sloppy and insane.

              If want to add some tough man effect in the gentleman style, you can choose the Capris pants to match the shoes and expose the ankle to release the sense of tedium. Then the whole outlook will become domineering and capable with the soared aura.

              It seems that leather shoes are not suitable with the sense of casualness, but it’s not true. A loose version of trousers with a pair of old feeling leather shoes can also be worn casually. But be careful of the bottle of trousers legs,don’t be too long, then you can get the best effect.


              Men have truly no need to change their shoes frequently. Wearing leather shoes and belts well in the summertime can make you look fashionable and exquisite. Moreover, they are more solemn and elegant than sneakers. Why don’t you try?

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