How to Build Your Belt Wardrobe?

A Famous designer Michael Kors once said: "Accessories is an exclamation point to a man's outfit." It means that sometimes you need to be your own stylish. Accessories help to express yourself and your style. Accessories are your best friend to tell who you are. Building a belt wardrobe is the first step to expressing your idea.

 As our lifestyles tend to be convenient day by day, the belts that were a must for men are becoming less important for today's young generation. However, everything happens for a reason. Soldiers needed belts to carry their weapons so as to keep their hands free to do other things when it was in the Roman Empire. And since then, the belt has been getting more important.

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1. What Do You Know About the Belt?

As an early necessity, when it is welcomed to the stage, it shows up with no aesthetic purpose at first. It is more of a physical must for people's daily life. Workers need to be able to carry their belongings around them, the leader needs to demonstrate their status, and students need to fit them into their baggy pants. So, this is what belts for. But what about the situation now? Many clothes are designed for different kinds of people without belt. But what if I tell you that you still need a belt even though the belt is no longer a basic for the present fashion dress code. First of all, the belt is a symbol of social status. In ancient times, dress code depended on who they were, and the belts were highly differed in type, style, and fabric. Wealthy men wear leather belts. Second, it is an accessory for a man. When the belt comes into its own as a man's fashion accessory, man can add much interesting taste to the whole outfit even though they do not have many clothes to choose. 

Matching your belts with your pants. Or you can add up a little bit of style by styling up with a bright belt that not only gives you a decent look but also attracts the attention. Tonywell's belts can make you stylish and comfy. Trust me, it will never go out of style when you date a girl wearing a high-quality and fine-cut belt from Tonywell. It is time to build your belt wardrobe!

2. Basic Tips for Belt Purchasing

Investing in some classic, stylish, and comfortable accessories can update your wardrobe throughout the season even if it is not in accordance with the current fashion trends. Clothes can create a unique look but belts are more important than you think. If you want to look stylish, adding a belt to your dress is imperative to spice up your look. We can be very choosy when buying our belts. However, without a doubt, it needs much time to compare when it comes to belts. So why don't you check out Tonywell. Tonywell's belt is so classic that everyone needs it in their collection. Here are some tips for choosing Belt:

Tips 1: Choose the Right Belt Style

Types of Belts: Formal Belts

When it comes to formal, the first thing that comes to my mind is the classic black leather belt. The formal belt is always polished and sophisticated, showing social status. Speaking of formal belts, they contain a lot of specific features that differ from casual belts. Such as, the formal belts have a frame-style buckle which is smaller and flatter than casual belts. And its buckle is always in gold or silver color. More importantly, the formal belt is usually in a certain heavy color, such as black and brown. Never in a chance it will show up in red or pink. We highly recommend that formal belts go with formal outfits, such as trousers or suits. 

Types of Belts: Casual Belts

Unlike a formal one, a casual belt can give you a casual look and a less serious vibe. Causal belts mostly dwell in a certain range of people, such as students, freelancers, or someone trying to be casual all the time. Casual belt are vividly designed in bold color, style, shape, etc. Personally, I would throw my all attention when someone is wearing a chic casual belt because it is super cool!

Tips 2: Buy the Right Length Belt

When selecting a belt, add 2 inches to your waistline for belt size. For example, if your waist is 34 inches, you should buy a belt that is 36 inches. Belt sizes are typically categorized into four – small (27 to 29 inches), medium (30 to 32 inches), large (33 to 35 inches), and extra-large (36 to 38 inches). Tonywell offers belts that fit most sizes from 34 to 45 inches. Follow the instruction to learn more about How to Resizing Tonywell Ratchet Belt.

 How to Resizing Tonywell Ratchet Belt - Too long

Tips 3: Avoiding the Cheap Belt

Avoiding the cheap belt does not mean that the cheap one is absolutely made from poor materials. I want to inform you that you should pay more attention to the quality and the original material that the expensive one can guarantee. To build your wardrobe does not refer to having so many belts. The essence is all about Less Is More. To tell you the truth, three or four fine-cut and high-quality belts are not so expensive that you cannot afford them. Go to the Tonywell, it really offers a big range of fine belts, and its price is affordable.

Tips 4: Must Have Belts for Men Colors

Belts in a men's wardrobe come in different colors. Because the belt can express your current personality, you should look for a color that fits your personal wardrobe. When shopping for a belt, be sure to find a color that matches the clothes in your closet. Best every man belts in black and brown work very well for conservative settings, while belts in bold colors and styles can show off your character simultaneously. White is also unique. Make sure you have straps in neutral colors like black and brown to match most clothing types.

Black Belts can go with everything you own

AS we all know, Coco Chanel uses black to make her special. Unlike other colors, black symbolizes maturity, stability, and elegance. A black leather belt is an easy way to sharpen your look.

Powerful magic the black can offer you to be added to your dress code. Why not try it right now? 

Let me tell you where you can find the Leather black belts. Check the Tonywell. You can find a lot of black leather there, some of which have no holes to crack or wear out. And they are equipped with an auto-lock buckle. It is one size fit mos (Trim-to-fit waist size 32" - 45") and macro-adjustable. The special part about it is that this belt strap has 32 positions track system, so you do not have to worry about losing weight or eating a lot. The ratcheting would last longer with your shrinking waist.

brown black belt for men

As you can see, they are still in stock. And you can get 10% OFF from YOUR FIRST ORDER. The discount coupon will be sent to your email once you log in Tonywell. Come to check it out! 

Is Brown Belts just for middle-aged men?

Brown belts are another perfect addition to your wardrobe. Brown belts can be worn with faded jeans and black or white T-shirts, while textured designs add a rustic touch to denim shorts or linen pants. Some may wonder whether the brown belts are just for middle-aged men? Well, personally, I don't think so. Even though brown does not show the special and unique vibe that black can offer, it still can give you a casual and less serious look. It can provide a traditional style to your outfit by polishing it off with this casual leather belt. So, It is not just for the middle-aged. It is also a perfect choice for the young generation.

Why don't you treat yourself to a 100% leather Ratchet Belt above? Its belt strap with 1 3/8" (35mm) width matches great with business pants. It is very easy to use. Just lift the buckle and pull to obtain a smooth and inaudible release.

Its stitching details bring a handmade look to the buckled belt, showcasing the quality of the soft leather material. Check it out on Tonywell, and you can see how it can bring timeless luxury into your wardrobe.

When should a man wear White Belts?

White belts have long been a fashion accessory for men. Some men only paired it with summer white linen pants or shorts and white shoes in the past. In recent years, However, some men do not regard it as man's accessory anymore. The reason is that they believe that white is only for men. Well, I presume they just don't know how to match the white belt.

Here, Tonywell show you a guideline about the rules of wearing white belts.You can always match white belts with white pants instead of black pants. and white belts and blue jeans are perfect match forever.

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White belts and blue jeans


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