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To give what kind of gift to your father or husband is often a vexing question for many women. Because most men's minds are so elusive, they are not very good at or willing to show their preferences. This makes it tricky to send them a nice gift. 

Obviously, it is most thoughtful to buy a gift that looks good and is also practical. When it comes to gifts for adult men, most of us immediately think of clothing and accessories. Indeed, this type of item is used by men very often.

I have to say that a belt would be the best choice. Whether it comes from his daughter or wife, it would be an appropriate gift. 

Then someone will say, "Why not a tie?"

Ties, when people are talking face-to-face, are in their primary visual position. It is very eye-catching to other people. Ties come in a wide variety of patterns and are very demanding to match. In other words, it is more of a personal item that is suitable for men to shop for themselves. After all, ties are relatively limited in their applicable situation, such as on a few formal occasions.

So why do I say that a belt is a more appropriate choice instead?

As another men’s must-have accessory, belts are more frequently used than ties and are suitable for a variety of occasions, from daily life to formal occasions. In addition, its relatively inconspicuous use of location and generally low-profile style makes it easier for men to match at will. So, it is easy to tell that the practicality of the belt is far superior.

Since the belt is such an essential item, picking the right one can not only let the person who received it satisfying, but it also reflects your genuine intentions and how much you care about him. Every time he uses the belt, he will immediately think of you. Sometimes, this will be a good way to enhance the relationship between you two.

Since belts are important to men, we must select them elaborately. Next, let’s see how to choose a great belt as a gift. 


1: Desired style

First, we need to determine the target style based on the recipient's dressing styles, occupations, and living habits. This method is based on the premise that you totally don’t know his desired belt style. By style, it usually means the overall color and material of a belt. These two major elements often determine the style of the belt.


classic black belt gold color buckle for men ratchet designer fit for dress 30 mm strap

For example, if your gift recipient is someone who is not good at clothing collocation, or even too lazy at dressing, then a classic black leather belt would be perfect for him. Because such a classic fashion item can be applied to a variety of occasions, you can also just send a substitutable belt and some different styles of belt buckles. In this way, your gift recipient can easily have multiple collocation options with just one belt.

But if this man doesn't have that many formal occasions to attend and is particularly fond of outdoor activities, that’s exactly the person you should buy him a canvas or nylon belt. It’s more breathable and softer than genuine leather. These materials are super comfortable for people to wear in outdoor activities. 

Recently, reversible belts have become very popular, generally referring to belts that come in two colors. This type of belt is not as troublesome to use as you might think. The double-sided design comes with a reversible buckle, so you only need to twist the belt 180 degrees as you press the pin. It’s not necessary to take the belt completely off the metal buckle and then flip it over. Besides, this also solves the problem of belt storage to some degree. 


reversible belt pin buckle prong for men black color gold red adjustable fit to cut

2: Details

In addition to the overall style and pattern, there is a lot to learn about the design of the belt. After we have decided on the color and material of the belt, choosing a suitable metal buckle is our next goal. What many people will overlook is that the metal buckle choice requires more careful consideration. There are more styles of belt buckles than we know.

Unlike most women's belts, men's belts come with a much wider variety of leather buckles. For example, the classic perforated metal buckle, which is both strong and decorative, and the automatic buckle, which helps men quickly adjust the length of the direct use without cutting their own. If they have a huge change in weight, this type of belt can also easily cope with it. The belts remain enough length to adjust; some with removable leather buckles, others with metal buckle styles, so that the match could have multiple possibilities.


3: Gift set

If all above can’t meet your expectations, buying a gift box is actually a good option. The gift recipient will also think of it as a very thoughtful gift. Nowadays, such a set of boxes on the market is usually paired with classic and casual models, which can meet the basic needs and are easy to replace and store.

 Tonywell Mens Leather Ratchet Belt 35mm Belt with Distinctive Buckle Gift Box Sets

Reminder: you’d better stop blindly following the so-called fashion trend or buy some flashy gifts. Do not add any burden to other people is always the most important criterion of giving a gift.

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