Almost everywhere has warmed up recently, I bet many of you can't wait to take off the coats and jackets. It’s just time to start updating the closet. The Spring/Summer 2022 men's shows have been taking turns to start since June 2021. Today, we will summarize the hottest fashion trends among the men's spring/summer 2022 shows. At the same time, we'll learn together the so called “collocation formulas” that all of you can actually refer to your real life. If you happen to be interested in dressing up, you can't miss today’s article!

The following tips are summarized in terms of being as casual and useful to the public as possible. Our purpose is to make collocation as easy as possible for everyone to apply to all kinds of situations.

1: High Key

In any of the 2022 SS shows, wherever you catch a glimpse, there is a splash of bright color. got to admit that bright-colored clothing is the mainstream trend for 2022 SS. For example, pink, always be regarded as the most feminine color, in this year's Paris Men's Week, Louis Vuitton, Dior, Jil Sander, and other brands are coincidentally adorned with this bright color in the new season collection. Bright yellow, bright blue, and Pantone are also the colors that other major brands are competing to use. These bright colors were chosen to express and celebrate the full-blown spring of 2022, witnessing the renewed vitality of the world. The designers also hope to express the spiritual core of SS2022, such as the ideas of freedom and fun.

In addition to choosing a bright-colored suit, matching a bag with a contrasting color or wearing a belt of the same color is also the secret of high-key fashion. Remember, it's best to wear the belt in the middle of the top here! It’s inevitable that a large monochrome color on the outfit will look monotonous, not to mention other bright colors.

    LV 2022 SS blue suit blue belt2022 ss fashion designer belt blue color for men fit oversize suit high-colored

LV 2022 SS                             bright-colored leather belts

I believe that you may now feel a little afraid to try this brand-new style. Audiences will certainly be curious about its practicability of it since it might look quite abrupt in daily life.

Tonywell recently launched a series of attractive, bright-colored leather belts. We also want to use these bright colors, like bright blue and red, to encourage people to show your self-identity in dressing and to be more confident in your own charm in this spring and summer.

Plus, there was another impressive set at the LV show. The overall color is gradient, using the swoosh technique, and the waist part is also paired with a belt for transition colors. Here, the use of bright colors is not so flashy. The belt can be called the finishing touch. It not only helps the color transition naturally and harmoniously but also ensures that the wide suit does not hide your figure.


LV 2022 SS  

2: Smart Casual Suit

The most eye-catching work is the ‘smart casual’ suit, a new line launched by Dior. This design combines functional style, work style, and formal wear. What’s more, the designers added some pockets on the top and a belt of the same color on the model’s waist. Then, the overall shape of the garment becomes loose and minimalist style. The smart-casual design is comfortable to wear while not making people look lazy. It all credits to the integration effect of the belt. We can see that the fashion trend regarding menswear accessories nowadays is to wear the belt in the lower middle of the top, not only wearing it on pants. This kind of change benefits the man with a stylish and natural style. It is best to have the belt in the same color as the outerwear, or at least a harmonious overall color. Choosing the belt with a delicate metal buckle in the middle would be perfect. The metal buckle is always of more texture and plays a great role of embellishment.

After all, formal wear, necessarily needs such accessories to blend the overall style in a better way. This fashion style from 2022 SS can be applied directly to sour real life. If you pair it with a pair of sneakers, it's enough to get you through the day at work, on a date, and on a day out.

As shown, this is the collocation that we can give a try as well.

Dior 2022 SS

In the LV Spring/Summer 2022 menswear show, most of the styles were also based on suits, and the waists of the suits were also paired with belts. This detail not only makes the waistline more prominent, but also enhances the recognition of the suit. This concept is worthy of our reference and application in the daily outfit.


tan beige yellow brown belt gold buckle for men 2022 ss fashion designer oversize suits fitblack belt for men Tonywell 2022 SS design fashion suit fit2022 ss fashion designer red brown belt for men silver buckle


3: Denim on Denim

Denim on Denim refers to the upper and lower clothing both being a product of denim. Denim fabric characteristics ensure that the same color match looks not too dull. In this season's shows, Y/Project, GmbH, and other brands all presented a full set of denim looks.

If you also want to try this style, you can also put some effort into accessories. For example, with a black belt or a light-colored canvas belt. Black, canvas material, and denim have always been important fashion elements that easily help to create a relaxed and free-looking feeling. Whether it's for the street or a weekend getaway, denim is great for all.

              Street snap                                            Y/Project 2022 SS

4: Western Cowboy

In this year's fashion keywords selected by many global media, "western" is definitely at the top of the list. This western trend is blowing hard into the spring/summer 2022 show. The trend, led by Y/Project, promoted the traditional American element of the western cowboy, and incorporated the embroidered elements of the western style into the jeans. Not surprisingly, the models also made extensive use of dark leather belt elements, especially the black leather belt. This item is not only versatile for any collocation, but also its leather material would quite fit in the overall western style.

       Y/Project 2022 SS


Many people may feel that the fashion shows are very high-class and far removed from the lives of ordinary people. In fact, if you finish today’s article, you will easily find that it is actually quite simple to make yourself look stylish. The results of so many designers' efforts will be more or less informative to the public, as long as we are willing to take the trouble to summarize the fashion tips and useful details. All we need to do is to find what suits us the most and then bravely give it a try.

What are you waiting for? Go shopping for your favorite items and try them yourself!


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