6 tips to help men look better

Men that are out of shape often have trouble figuring out how to dress to make themselves appear taller. Especially when height is so important for men. In reality, we can put in more effort when it comes to dressing. As an example, the visual impact of height can be achieved in a variety of ways. When color, style, and accessories are well-matched, we might appear taller. Although we do not have the best body shape, we can at least adjust the figure using the following dressing tips.

1. Make good use of the belt

No matter your body shape, a high waistline can always make you look taller and slimmer. To make your waistline look better, try a belt or any other item with a high waist style. Wearing a belt with your jeans isn't always required. It is highly recommended that you place the belt around the waist of a suit. Recently, this has become a very trendy style of outfit. Designers have skillfully put belts on their tops to help with the better figures while wearing the broad tops. You can try to imagine the once-popular bodice. They both work based on a visual principle in which the waistline is moved up through the belt. As a result, the proportions of your legs are lengthened. This way, your favorite wide tops won't totally hide your figure or curves, and you'll appear slimmer and taller. All of this is possible with only a belt!
 high waistline pants with belt makes men look taller Tonywell dress beltJumpsuit with belt makes men taller Tonywell dress belts

2. Carefully choose your accessories

The above introduced a kind of trendy way of dressing. For the second tip, I want to talk more about what kind of accessories should be chosen if you want to look like you have a good figure.
It is best not to choose bold belts but to accentuate your waistlines with some thin and narrow belts. At the same time, you can use something eye-catching to get people to focus upward. Although it is exaggerated to say so, this can indeed make people ignore your actual height. For example, an eye-catching hat, scarf, tie, or necklace. Similarly, if your height is not particularly striking, but you wear an eye-catching pair of shoes, others can't help but stare at your lower body. I bet no one wants to expose their flaws in such a direct way.

wearing hat makes men look taller tonywell guide

3. Bright colors

We need to increase the clash of colors when we don't have the best figure or superior height. To leave others a "focus on the eye" impression, using contrasting colors or bright elements is an effective idea. As long as you let other people concentrate on the higher part of your outfit, you will appear taller to them. Simply put, by directing the key point to a specific location, the other person's eyes will be drawn there. Choosing warmer tones with greater expansion, such as red, orange, and yellow, for example, will impress other people that you're taller. Once they look at your outfit, they will be drawn to this region unconsciously. 

As a result, we may deduce that choosing a top in bright colors would be better, either in a variety of popular colors or your preferred bright colors in general. For example, the fashion color scheme's atmosphere, as well as the traditional tones of black, white, and gray. This is not only adaptable and practical, but it also maintains the popular color scheme. Most importantly, it can let others look upwards, which is a quite beneficial method.

wear warm colose to hit eyes looks taller Tonywell guide

4. Tops never go wrong

For some, wide shirts always make them appear to be waistless, and for others, this may cause worse figure problems. If at all possible, avoid wearing these wide caps. Alternatively, choose some acceptable outfits and leverage the suit's crisp lines to produce a shapely silhouette.

Alternatively, you might opt for a French tuck or a full tuck look. Tucking in only the front of your shirt is a basic fashion hack. It goes with everything, especially polo shirts and t-shirts. You can easily achieve the French tuck look by tucking a portion of your shirt into your pants. Everyone can create a line shift without even realizing it by gently tucking their top in. In this manner, you can show a nice shape regardless of whether you're overweight on the top or bottom half of your body.

Men should not hold onto the biased idea that only women should be concerned about their waistlines. By adjusting the waistline, both men and women can improve their visual body proportions. If you have a beer belly, this method can also help you slim down. What's more, remember to tear part of the top out to make it as slack as possible when you knot it into your jeans. 

POLO Tucking in pants Tonywell looks taller guide

5. Layered clothing

From the prior concept of "focus on the eye", we can deduce that top layering is more significant than the style of pants. Combining numerous objects to produce an overall one-line, rather than overly piled layers, is a fashion shortcut. As a result, we can utilize two or more tops to overlap the layers. Such matching can enhance the look's individuality while also compensating for the lack of body proportion. This is also a technique to make having a tall and slim figure a daily reality for you.

Layering clothes men Tonywell men looks taller guide

6. Simplify the outfit

Last but not least, we can strive to select elegant and straightforward patterns during shopping. The pattern is too large for the clothes, and when they don't match, it's easy to look old-fashioned. In terms of style, aim to go for a straight-line silhouette with fewer details. Clothing that is a little thinner will always set your figure off to your advantage. The simplest approach to keeping your outfits in the same color family is there. The same color scheme can create the illusion of visual extension, making the proportion appear to be lengthened as well.

Simplify outfit tone color match men Tonywell men looks taller guide


These six suggestions are all pretty basic, and I hope they prove useful to you!

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