10 Different Types of Belt Buckles

Belt buckles are a staple in the fashion accessory world. They're often used to accentuate a look and make it more unique, but they can also be the focal point of an outfit!

There are many different styles of belt buckles, ratchet belt buckle, reversible belt buckle, military belt buckles, anchor buckle, tongue buckle, D-ring buckle, web belt buckle, clip buckle, and they all have unique characteristics. Choosing one that fits your style and taste can be difficult, but we've done the work for you!

We've put together this list of 10 different types of belt buckles (from frame buckles to plate buckles) that you need to know about. This is where to start if you're looking for a new way to spice up your wardrobe.

Let’s know more about what a belt buckle exactly is!

What is a Belt Buckle?

A belt buckle is a decorative clasp for fastening the ends of a belt. Belt buckles come in many different styles and sizes, and can be made from a variety of materials, including metal, plastic, wood, or leather. Some belt buckles are simple and functional, while others are elaborate works of art.

Belt buckles serve both practical and aesthetic purposes. In addition to holding a belt in place, they can also add visual interest to an outfit!

The 10 Different Types of Belt Buckles!

  • Tongue Buckle 

A tongue buckle is a type of fastener often used on belts and straps. It consists of a metal loop (the tongue) that passes through a hole or slot in another piece of metal (the keeper). The tongue's end is then bent back upon itself to secure it in place.

ratchet belt buckles for leather click belts

  • Ratchet Buckle

A ratchet buckle is similar to a tongue buckle but with an added mechanism that allows the user to adjust the tension/tightness of the strap without having to remove it completely from the keeper.

This can be handy when needing to make small adjustments on-the-fly (e.g., while hiking or during other outdoor activities).

  • Anchor Buckle

An anchor buckle has two main parts - an inner ring (usually made from steel) and an outer cover (which can be made from plastic, leather, etc.).

The webbing or strap being used goes through both rings before being pulled tight and secured in place by threading the free end back through one side of the inner ring only.

This design helps distribute weight more evenly around the circumference, making them ideal for use with heavy loads such as those found in climbing harnesses.

  • Reversible Buckle

A reversible buckle is a type of fastener that can be used with belts, straps, and another webbing.

It consists of two parts - a male end (with teeth or prongs, pin buckle) and a female end (with an opening to accept the male end). The advantage of this design is that it can be easily reversed if needed (e.g., to change the direction in which the webbing is pulled).

  • Military Buckle

A military buckle is a belt buckle most commonly used by the armed forces. It is usually made from metal, and it has a simple design that includes a prong or hook on one side and a catch on the other side.

This type of buckle aims to keep web belts securely fastened even during physical activity.

  • Plate Buckle

A plate buckle is another common type of belt buckle. This style features a flat piece of metal buckle with belt holes punched into it so that the belt can be threaded through.

Plate buckles are often decorated with engravings or embossed designs, and they come in both small and large sizes. Like military buckles, they are also designed to stay secure during physical activity.

frame buckles for ratchetting belts

  • Frame Style Buckle

A frame buckle is made up of two parts that are hinged together at one end and can open up like jaws. The frame part fits either an oval, rectangular, or shaped insert (the “bit”), again usually made of metal, but sometimes leather-covered wood, fitted with leather belts.

When closed, these bits protrude slightly, giving a three-dimensional effect to what would otherwise be a rather flat-looking belt accessory. Sometimes more than one bit is fitted into the frame buckle and then interchanged as desired depending on the mood or outfit worn that day!

  • D-Ring Buckle

D-ring belts are becoming increasingly popular due to their adjustability and comfort, as well as their versatility in being worn with both casual and business attire! They are usually used as casual belts and dress belts.

They consist simply of a fastening which looks like half of the letter 'D'(hence its name) through which the free end of the strap is pulled back around and then fed back through again before being pulled tight-very much like the way you would thread a length of tape around itself several times before knotting the slack-end off!

  • Web Belt Buckle

A web buckle is basically just a strip of plastic or metal with teeth on one side that grip onto the fabric of the belt (or other items) when pulled through. Web buckles are often used on belts, backpacks, and dog collars because they're strong and easy to use.

The downside of webbing buckles is that they can be difficult to adjust once they're fastened, so you'll want to make sure your belt is sized correctly before using one.

  • Clip Buckle

A clip buckle has two parts: a baseplate that attaches to the fabric (usually with snaps), and a clasp that clips onto the baseplate.

Clip buckles are great for belts because they're adjustable and easy to open/close - perfect for those who like to switch up their look often! However, since clip buckles have moving parts, they can be more prone to breakage than webbing buckles.


We hope you enjoyed this article about the 10 different types of belt buckles that range from plate buckles to frame buckles! We know it's not easy choosing a belt buckle, but we believe that with this information, you'll be able to find the perfect one for your needs.

We'd love to hear from you—what do you think about our list? What would you add? Let us know in the comments!

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