How to Organize Your Belts Easily

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Recently, the weather has turned warmer. Everyone must have already started to update the closet for the new season. As people are changing their dressing to more stylized and light clothing, belts have become the mainstay of clothing accessories. 

With this little accessory, the belt, most people would struggle with collocation problems. People are willing to pay a lot attention to the details of dressing nowadays, and they will prepare different styles of belts to match different outfits. But in fact, in addition to shopping and matching the belt, belt organizing has become a very tricky problem. It's indeed a very small item in everyone’s closet, and we always take it for granted that it's not worthwhile to spend too much on it. But a bunch of disorganized belts can really affect our lives in many ways.

Men, especially, do not pay enough attention to accessory organizing, leaving their belts randomly piled up in closets and cloakrooms. Such a habit often brings trouble to one’s outfits, even their preparation efficiency in the morning. Do you have the similar annoying experience when you have to rush to work but cannot find the belt you’re looking for? Or have you ever been accused by your wife due to the messy checkroom?  

If so, it's okay; this kind of situation couldn't be more normal.

People often say that the details determine success or failure. So, this time, do not hurry to put away all the items! Follow this article to see if there is anything we can do to make it easier. Learning how to organize stuff won’t be that difficult at all! 


  • Any box with a grid!

Obviously, the way many people currently store them must be to roll the belts up and put them in a drawer. If you have ever carefully noticed the storage goods section in the stores, they have already prepared a lot of specially designed boxes for us to neatly organize our belts. It comes with special compartments to separate the different belts and keep them organized in the closets. We can then sort them by different brands, colors, materials, and styles. Such a design can make our accessories look quite clear at any time.

When placing the belt, you first need to roll it up, preferably from the end of the belt. Thus, it will leave the belt buckle at the outermost part. We are able to immediately confirm the style we want in this way, especially when we are selecting among belts of the same color.

As shown in the picture: 

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The proper size of compartments can ensure that the belts will not be easily loosened or randomly mixed with each other after they are all put in. One compartment holds only one belt. When you take one of the belts, the other belts won’t be accidentally pulled out with it! Anyone who owns lots of belts would appreciate how pleasant the whole dressing process can be.

Such a method is more suitable for materials that are not easily deformed, such as canvas, nylon, and soft leather. For some genuine leather belts, rolling them tightly for a long time will leave creases in the belt and may cause it to deform permanently. 

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Obviously, if your closet already has a small separation of drawers, you can directly use it. If you don't want to spend too much money, you can totally make one yourself. A harder box would be better. Otherwise, the rolled-up belt will easily come loose and "fly all over the place". Remember to make the proper size of the partition in the middle of the box to separate the belts. It helps you ensure that the belt does not come loose. Or you can simply use the original packaging bag for the belt instead, to hold it in place.

What a wonderful way to save money while also gaining convenience!

  • This is more suitable for belts that can freely detach the straps and buckles. Straps can be rolled up separately for better storage, and metal buckles can be specifically laid flat in a drawer. This is a better way to extend the service life of genuine leather belts as well as metal buckles. 


  • Hang them all up!

This method will save you time and work better than all the other methods if you choose the right tools. As long as you have this storage rack, we can say goodbye to the messy closet immediately!

This is especially suitable for people who have a large number of belts. We can buy such hangers designed specifically for hanging belts. Let's implement multi-belt storage and save storage space with just one hanger!

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Hanging it on the cabinet door can free up one more drawer for other clothes and accessories. Then the way we hang the belt buckle on the hook can perfectly avoid causing belt creases. During the fitting session, you can directly hang it back on when you are not satisfied with it. You do not have to roll the belt again like the previous method. 

There’re also some other designs we can choose from, like the belt ring hanger. It is divided into half-rings and full-rings.

The biggest advantage of these hangers is that they can save us storage space. This design is of high aesthetic and convenience. You just need to hang the belt directly after changing the clothes at home. If the conditions are really limited, or the number of belts is small, you can buy a few individual sticky hooks instead to stick on the closet door to hold the ribbon accessories, not just belts.


  • The way applies to traveling

During a business trip or vacation, our storage conditions become very limited. Usually, we just roll up the belts for storage. However, the rolled-up belt is still easy to loosen in the luggage.

Here, I’m going to introduce a simple way to tightly roll the belt. (This applies to belts with belt loops.)

  • Step 1, you will need to move the leather loop to the end of the belt and roll the belt starting from the buckle.
  • Step 2, after rolling the entire belt, ensure that the surface has only one leather loop left at the end and that the metal buckle is rolled on the innermost side at this point.
  • Step 3, the remaining belt will continue to wind in counterclockwise and finally string the rest of the belt into the belt loop. (In other words, this loop should include two layers of belt stuck at the end.)
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In this way, the belt will not be loose unless someone does it on purpose.



After learning this arranging method, you can roll up the belt first and hang it on the shelf. It is very suitable for the case of insufficient cabinet height, as shown in the picture:


Go ahead and find yourself the best belt storage method!


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