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When a person wears a ring, it will send many messages, such as whether they are married, the person's career, or their social status. So the way of wearing rings is quite important to people if he wants to make others know more about him when they meet for the first time. Let me introduce some information about wearing rings and point out the rules.


  • Understand that every ring sends a message

Every ring you wear will send a message to others through the materials or the size of precious stones. It can show your wealth, social status, hometown, or even religion.


The rings used to be a symbol of wealth and power. The clarity and size of the gem, or the quality of the precious stones, manifests the power and wealth of its owner. It's easy to understand. Think about it, a person who has a beautiful, expensive, and high-quality gem, and he sets it in a ring, and it is obvious that he's a person with a huge amount of wealth, so he didn't hide the valued gem, or worry about its value. Instead, he wears it on the surface and conversely takes it here and there.


Then let's talk about tradition and religion. People in North America wear the wedding ring on the right hand instead of the left hand. It's a custom, so if a person wears wedding rings in his right hand, maybe he's an American. And the tradition of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church is to wear wedding rings on the right hand. And there're differences in various religions.

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  • Pay Attention To Proportion

Now let me talk about the size of the rings. It's relative to the size of your hand and the size of your fingers. If you have small hands, you should wear small rings. On the other hand, if you have bigger hands, then you should wear bigger rings instead.


Then, the fingers. If your finger is slender, you should keep the rings thin and compact. And it's also relative to genders, such as the wedding rings, females have a smaller and thinner ones, but males have bigger and thicker ones. So this rule talks about the ring's model and size. Please choose a suitable ring in proportion to ensure the harmony of accessories.


  • Balance Your Rings Across Both Hands

Then let's get the balance of the right hand and left hand instead of the proportion of single hand and finger. The balance means that wearing jewelry and accessories in a way looks more even. Don't wear rings and other accessories in a crowded method. Take the balance of both of your hands. For example, if you want to wear four rings, you can wear two ones in both of your hands instead of wearing four ones on a single hand. And if you're going to wear a bracelet or a watch, put it on the wrist, which has fewer rings. This is the way to take a balance of both hands.


  • Match Your Metals

There're so many men confused about the choice of the color and material, such as gold or silver. They are the most materials of accessories. Many people didn't know which was more suitable for them. The way to choose the metals is relative to your skin tone. To speak simply, wear silver if you have a cool tone skin, and if your skin has a warm tone, wear gold. Similar to it, wear cold colors if your skin has a cool tone, and if you have a warmer tone skin, warm colors are the better choice. 


And in the other hand, wearing the same metal in your body is better than wearing various metals. To look as coordinated as possible, please match your accessories. From the rings, watch to the belt buckle. It's unnecessary to have all the same metals exactly but choose the same color, such as silver and stainless steel. Then I'll talk about belts that match your rings. If you wear silver rings, you can choose the one with a silver color belt buckle

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  • Wearing Your Rings With Confidence

    It would be best to keep confident when you are wearing an additional accessory. If you have no confidence, the ring will also be in eclipse. You can get more confidence by wearing it for a long time to become accustomed to the weight and feel of the accessory. Then it would help if you came to understand the meaning and the value of your ring. Or to say, the story of the ring. Prepare the story. When others ask about it, you can tell them straightly.


    • The Symbolism of Rings On Different Fingers

    The rings on different fingers and hands reflected the personalities or characters of people. People always wear rings on their non-dominant hands, and the dominant hand can also reflect thinking methods and personality that they do not even realize about it.


    And then, let me talk about the meanings of rings on different fingers. The thumb symbolizes character, and wearing a ring on the thumb indicates confidence and determination. And the ring on the pinky finger of the active hand means great negotiating skills, and the passive hand shows the blazing intuition and intense listening skills. Index finger rings symbolize power and authority; middle finger rings show a person with responsibility. And the most significant, the wedding ring finger, symbolize love and romance.


    • How Many Rings are Too Many?

    A wedding ring is generally what a man needs to wear, but males also have the freedom to wear various accessories, including rings. And be cautious, cause if you wear too many rings, such as three or four, you may be looked too glaring to be trusted.


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