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Just like men like to talk about women and comment on women, women naturally talk about men. The most frequently mentioned word in women's chat is "masculinity."

Men's charm can be reflected by external dress matching and internal ability. Women tend to pay more attention to the details of men's behavior. Therefore, when showing your charm in front of women, you should learn to develop your strengths and avoid weaknesses. 

  • Listen and Accompany

Women are very insecure and want men to listen to their thoughts and accompany them. This is very attractive to women because they feel that being able to shelter themselves from the wind and rain is also a cute behavior of men. For example, when a girl goes on a date with you and asks which dress looks better, don't answer "whatever," but you should patiently advise her: "The red one suits you better."

  • Intrinsic Charm

The inner charm of men can be shown in many different ways. Because each person's growth environment is different, leading to different personalities, the focus will be different when building the charm. Therefore, you can find your personality characteristics, strengthen them, and create your charm, which is the most attractive to women.

  • Social Skills

Social ability can best reflect a man's social value, as well as his education and cognitive level. Generally speaking, a well-informed man is excellent in words, deeds, and the circle of friends he contacts. Because he knows how to observe what he says and how to consider problems from the perspective of others, women will instinctively be attracted to him.

  • Humor

Humor is not playing smart, nor is it malicious ridicule, but a manifestation of confidence and maturity. In daily life, when encountering embarrassing things, men can resolve the embarrassment through humorous words with high EQ. When women experience setbacks or difficulties, men can make them happy through humor.

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  • Fashion Dress Matching
You need to learn how to show your own character through outfit, but it also means that you do not need to be the most stylish dressed man on a specific occasion. This is a way to show that you pay great attention to your appearance. You need to know how to attract women with fashionable clothes. Suppose you are not good at clothing collocation. In that case, the most common and error-free general collocation is monochromatic clothing styles, meaning wearing tops, bottoms, and accessories in the same color or different shades of the color or appearing to have one hue color. To dress your bottoms with the same color belt, no matter your height, it looks taller to wear casually.
  • Considerate and Kind

Less routine, more sincerity. Only by treating women sincerely can they be moved most easily. Work reliably and plan your life. Considerate and kind-hearted boys make girls feel safe and reliable, and their natural favors multiply. They can not only know how to love women but also understand the hardships of women and can think from the perspective of women. On the contrary, if men are selfish and don't know how to think for women, women will also choose to stay away because they can't get consideration.

  • Pay Attention to Details

Sometimes, men don't need to say too much. Some subtle actions can make a woman's heart jump. Men who pay attention to details will significantly increase women's affection. For example, choose different clothes according to dating scenes. Choosing different accessories shows a good sense of fashion and layering the whole outfit. Every man must need to own accessories: sunglasses, navy blue tie, classic watch, black or brown leather belt, oxford or derby shoes.

  • Tolerance

As we all know, in life, women will always play a little temper and even appear unreasonable. At this time, if a man can accommodate women and understand tolerance, this man must care about each other and want to go on with her. And men's patience will also make women feel that a man who cares about them will never criticize their shortcomings but will choose tolerance, especially in relationships. Such a man will often win the favor of many women.

Psychologists believe that a man who understands tolerance and accommodation has a very high Eq. instead of haggling over small things, he will use a broad mind to face the injustice in the world. Such a man can become a big weapon and is full of charm.

To sum up, in daily life, the most basic requirements of women for men are: taking a bath regularly, paying attention to personal hygiene, and dressing appropriately. The attraction takes time to cultivate, not overnight. Men must pay attention to improving their bearing and self-cultivation and embody their unique charm with their external wear, wisdom, and ability.


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