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I believe that every stylish man will have a pair of trousers in his wardrobe

Do you often choose shirts to match them?

How to wear a polo shirt with jeans?

Are polo shirts business casual?

The combination of shirts and dress pants is not bad, but it always looks dull and old-fashioned on hot summer days, and it is difficult to show the fashion trends. You can try to combine polo shirts with jeans or dress pants to show your temperament and cater to seasonal characteristics.

Polo shirt not only has the folded collar design of shirt with calm temperament but also brings forth new ideas in material selection and more casual version design. Therefore, there is no sense of contradiction in matching with pants, which can not only highlight the elegance and handsome of men but also significantly increase their charm.

Men don't need too complicated collocation when wearing polo shirts. Some classic styles are used to match dress pants, which are outstanding enough to show their handsome and charm.

Although the polo shirt continues the folded collar design of the shirt, most of the time, people don't fasten the neck buttons completely but make it a V-neck visual sense, which dramatically increases the sense of leisure.

However, if you want to wear a polo shirt with a sense of buiness formality, you can tie up all the buttons on the neck to highlight the solemnity. It is precise because polo shirts can switch between casual and elegant styles at will, and it is pretty easy to set up with skinny jeans. The overall-wearing effect is also quite harmonious!

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  • Choosing the appropriate version

It would help if you first considered whether the version could effectively modify your body whenever you choose a match. Most of the time, there seems to be only minor differences in the performance, but it can bring significant differences to the overall wearing effect.

The slim polo shirt and dress pants will bring a somewhat dull feeling to the overall vision. If you are not relatively thin and well-proportioned, you must beware of this version and avoid wearing a greasy feel.

As a top, the fitted polo shirt is suitable for most people to wear with slightly loose pants but will not cause looseness. The polo shirt that fits the curve of the upper body can well foil the elegant temperament. The trousers with a slightly loose sense can relieve dullness and add a leisure effect.

In contrast, if the upper and lower garments are designed in a looser shape, they can form a combination with an excellent leisure effect. However, at this time, it should be noted that although the looser tops are selected, they must not be worn with a sense of looseness. At the same time, they should be matched with more substantial materials to make the natural and unrestrained temperament reach its peak.

  • Wearing the combination of single products with different designs

Although the combination of polo shirts and trousers sounds quite simple, we should not only pay attention to the selection of versions when matching. After all, the variety of different pieces will get other effects. We should choose the style and style that is suitable for us.

Polo shirt with a large neckline is more casual.

Choose a polo shirt with a more oversized neckline if you want to wear something casual. The button design with an extended collar can bring a sense of extension. Although it is matched with solid colors, it can make the overall effect of matching look richer, thus making it more casual.

The conventional neckline is versatile.

The regular neckline can not only adapt to the casual style but also cope with formal occasions. This is a design that men can easily control in most cases, and it is easy to wear, fashionable, and handsome.

Innovation can also be carried out in the color matching of single products. If you feel that solid colors are monotonous, cooperate with the concealed design to increase the sense of hierarchy without affecting the overall harmony simultaneously. Of course, the polo shirt is unsuitable for fancy color matching, so it is best not to be too eye-catching when choosing. Otherwise, the effect will backfire.

The designs of different trousers are also different. Some adopt the straight tube design to make the legs look more refined and slender, while others embrace the convergent strategy to add more fashion flavor, making someone look slimmer. This should be selected according to the actual needs of individuals.

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  • A variety of wearing methods are matched at will

After mastering the skills of selecting items, you need to use appropriate wearing methods to make the upper body effect more brilliant. There are many ways to wear polo shirts and trousers, which can produce good results.

The simplest of many methods is to wear it directly, which is more suitable for single items with sporty style to highlight ease and casualness. When folding, please do not choose the type that is too slim; otherwise, they will bring a sense of bondage to the waist and buttocks, which will be elegant and handsome and appear dull and heavier.

The high waist wearing method is one of the methods to highlight a gentlemanly demeanor. It lengthens the leg proportion through the high waistline and makes the connection between upper and lower clothes more natural through a belt. At the same time, the belt is the same color as the pants, so there is no clear dividing line, and the overall appearance looks harmonious and high. The overall visual effect is also more rigorous, and wearing a man's charm is easy!

The most advanced way is to use the inside lap for overlapping wearing. The polo shirt is used to wear a V-neck effect. At the same time, the white T is used as the interior. The sense of layering at the neckline not only makes the whole person more temperament but also dramatically improves the texture of the whole body, making you look more handsome!

Polo shirt is often regarded as a "semi-formal" item, which can show great solemnity as well as natural and unrestrained. Because of this, it can form a perfect match with trousers, realize the transformation of various styles, and quickly lead the fashion trend!

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