How to Choose the Perfect Belt Buckle?

Did you know that the belt buckle is the most important part of your outfit? It's true!

No matter how nice your pants look or how expensive your shirt is, if your belt buckle is ugly, it will ruin the whole picture. That's why choosing an appropriate belt buckle can be super difficult.

But don't worry! We're here to help with this guide on how to choose the perfect belt buckle. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

But first, let’s understand what exactly is a belt buckle!

What is a Belt Buckle?

A belt buckle is a device that fastens two ends of a belt together. It has a metal frame-style buckle with teeth that engage the holes in the belt and a release lever to disengage the teeth.

Belt buckles are often decorated with engravings, embossing, enamelling, or jewels. Belt buckles have been used since ancient times. The first belt buckles were made of bone, horn, or wood. Later, metal was used to make more durable and decorative buckles.

In the 19th century, belt buckles became more functional as men began to wear them for work. They were usually made of brass or steel and had simple designs. Belt buckles are still worn today, both for function and fashion!

The Different Types of Belt Buckles!

There are many different types of belt buckles available on the market today. Here is a look at some of the most popular options!

  • Western Belt Buckle 

These buckle designs typically feature intricate patterns and brightly coloured enamel work. They are often adorned with rhinestones, silver or gold plating, and other embellishments.

Both men and women wear western belt buckles, but they tend to be more popular among rodeo riders and country music fans.

  • Military Belt Buckle

These buckles commemorate service in the armed forces, and they come in a variety of styles for each branch of the military (Army, Navy, Marines, etc.). Many military belts for men also have distinctive rank insignia on them as well.

  • Casual Belt Buckle

As the name suggests, these buckles are designed for everyday wear with casual outfits such as jeans and khakis. They come in simple metal or plastic designs without any fancy adornments—perfect for those who want a low-key look.

  • Formal Belt Buckle

For special occasions when you need to dress up your outfit just a bit more than usual, step into a formal belt buckle, and match it with full-grain leather belt straps as dress belts.

Gold-plated metals, Swarovski crystals, and other luxury belt materials make these eye-catching accessories ideal for weddings, black tie events, or anytime you need that extra touch of glamour.

  • Functional Belt Buckle

Belt buckles can do more than just hold your pants up! Some have magnetic clasps for easy opening and closing, while others include built-in bottle openers or knives.

No matter what type of functionality you're looking for, there's sure to be something out there for your specific needs!

formal belts buckle

How to Choose the Perfect Belt Buckle in 6 Easy Steps!

There are a few things to consider when confused on how to choose the perfect belt buckle. The 6 of most important ones are:

1. Consider the occasion

You wouldn’t want to wear a flashy rhinestone-encrusted belt buckle to a job interview or funeral.

Conversely, an understated metal rectangle might not be appropriate for that hot date either. It is important to think about where and when you will be wearing a belt before making any decisions.

2. Your wardrobe

Do you generally err on the side of casual or formal? If most of your clothing choices are laid-back jeans and tees, then an ornate Western-style silver plate buckle with turquoise inlay probably isn’t going to look great!

If you find yourself regularly wearing more formal clothing for work, choosing a more subdued style of black belts of eyewear can help complement your look without drawing too much attention away from your face.

3. Body type

Fashionistas always emphasize choosing items that fit our individual body types, whether we are plus-size, petite, or in between!

This also applies when selecting buckles! A tiny waist can make a big statement piece, but a curvier person may want something smaller or even elongated horizontally, which can give the appearance of slimness.

4. Face shape

Just as certain hairstyles better highlight some face shapes over others, the same goes for glasses, necklaces, and even belt buckles!

Round faces tend to do well with angular pieces, while oval visages look amazing with almost anything but particularly soft curves.

5. What message do you want to send? 

Perhaps one of the most important factors involved here is thinking about how this little detail reflects upon you as a person... Are you fun-loving and carefree?

Then maybe try something whimsical like animal print or sequins! Or serious and business-minded? In that case, sticking to classic metals like brass, bronze, and steel could give just the right amount of authority!

6. Cost vs quality

Like everything else in life, there is definitely a trade-off between cost and quality, especially when it comes to accessories like handbags, shoes, belts, etc. But sometimes, it's worth saving up and investing in high-quality staples that will stand up to the test of time!

When you're considering buying a designer belt buckle made of alligator skin, keep in mind that it will cost a few hundred dollars. But it will last for many years, so it's a good investment!


Now that you know what to look for in a belt buckle, it's time to get out there and find one that fits your personality.

We hope that this guide has been helpful in guiding you on how to choose the perfect belt buckle. There are many different types of buckles on the market, so make sure to do your research before making any purchases.

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