White T-shirts are indispensable items in men's wardrobes. Even for many men, white T-shirts clothes, while the other half is jeans. Jeans and white shirts indeed can't go wrong in any way, but they also often represent mediocrity. You still need to use skills if you want to dress them brilliantly.

In many cases, inconspicuous pattern decoration can add layers to the overall collocation. However, white T-shirts and jeans are often pure color designs. Without printing design, we should pay more attention to getting rid of monotony and emptiness.

Due to the piece's simple design, you can find your style in the combination of a white T-shirt and jeans for all ages and shapes.

It is not easy to wear T-shirts and jeans in an eye-catching way because they are not uncommon. It can easily create a masculine style by matching with the thorough method.

black jeans with white t-shirt brown leather belts fashion idea from Tonywell

I. Style Selection

First of all, we should start with the style. Different versions of T-shirts and jeans themselves represent different styles. The combination produces different effects.

  • Slim fit

For example, the overall use of a slim version will test the body. If the lines are symmetrical and the pieces showing the body lines are matched, the overall matching will naturally improve. At the same time, the T-shirt can be made of softer materials to fit the curve better, which complements the stiffness of the cowboy. Adding the leather belts and the T-shirts can show the body slim without binding.

  • Loose fit

If the figure is average or needs to be modified, the upper and lower garments can adopt a loose version. It will be more inclusive to the figure, and the appropriate sense of looseness will not be too casual, which is quite suitable for daily use.

  • Ripped design

In addition to various conventional styles, special designs can also be added to ordinary items. For example, long jeans can be combined with the ripped design to ease the heaviness, balance the sense of bondage, and add more personality.

  • Copped design

The same effect can be achieved using cropped trousers or pulling up the feet to expose the ankles. The ankle is the most slender part of the leg. The overall collocation shows the fresh style of summer.

white t-shirt with ripped cropped jeans leather belt for male

II. Color Scheme

In addition to mastering the skills of selecting and expressing pieces, attention to the collocation between various pieces is necessary. The collocation will become more coordinated when making the color matching appropriate.

  • Interaction between different elements.

The combination of T-shirts and jeans is the classic white and blue color, which is fresh, elegant, and not offensive. However, the white leather belt and white shoes will match appropriately due to the light color matching. It has the effect of age reduction.

  • Color matching creates a lengthening.

The coordinated color matching of shoes, trousers, and belts can be adopted. This way, it can extend the visual sense, lengthen the proportion of legs and make the overall matching simpler without fragmentation.

  • Light color uppers and deep color lower show steady temperament.

The light color uppers and deep color lower matching methods used most of the time are also practical in white T-shirts and cowboy suits. The deepening color matching from top to bottom will stabilize the overall temperament. It can be more advanced if leather belts are used. It is simple and without losing texture.

denin jeack with jeans white t-shirt shoes match belt

III. Collocation Skills

Though daily men's wearing is often simple, which is not too complicated, There are also many methods to choose from in collocation. It looks more masculine overall.

  • Basic outfit

It is the most basic way to wear a white T-shirt with jeans. The hem placed at random is natural. However, at this time, attention should be paid to the connection between them. Try to choose a proper length T-shirt to reduce the sense of fat.

  • High waist for more spirit

White T-shirts putting the high-waisted outerwear into the pants form the best shaping proportion.

It should be noted that the pure white uppers have a somewhat perspective effect. If it is too slim at the waist, it will be greasy. Lines with a slight looseness can create a natural visual sense of long legs.

  • Part hem tucked into trousers

It is also good to truck part of the hem into the pants. In this way, the smooth lines can have an extension effect, improving the waistline and making it more elegant.

  • Add small accessories to make it more exquisite.
Based on simple collocation, matching with trinkets can also make fashion sense burst. Men often use long necklaces, scraf, and belt to be domineering. The effect will be excellent if you ensure that the color matching will not jump off too much.

truck party hem into jeans scraf with white t-shirt for man

White shirts and jeans are the trends in summer. After learning these collocations, you can be a fashion man!

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